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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When can a service be provided by Telehealth? A service may only be provided by Telehealth where it is safe and clinically appropriate to do so. The new temporary MBS telehealth items are for out-of-hospital patients.​

  2. Am I eligible for Telehealth item 92345 (face-to-face equivalent 291)? To be eligible, the individual must not have used up the service/medicare benefit in the preceding 12 months. They might benefit from discussing their options with the local doctor.

  3. Do I require a referral to access the service? Yes. This will also assist you in being able to access the Medicare rebate.​

  4. What is triage, and why? It is important you are getting the right service at the right time. Sometimes an individual’s care needs or situation might not be met by Telehealth. They might be better-served face-to-face with another healthcare provider or need hospitalisation in such circumstances.

  5. What does the triage process entail, and how long? After receiving your referral, we will contact you and provide you with an initial triage form. We try to complete the triage process as expeditiously as possible. The process also counts on how long it takes for you to complete and return the initial triage form and when the referrer/relevant other makes any additional information available, if necessary.

  6. What happens after triaging? You and your referrer will receive feedback as to the approval status of the referral.

  7. ​Is an appointment required? Yes. A convenient time will be arranged with you when the referral is approved after the triage process.​

  8. Do you require my consent? If proceeding with an appointment, your consent is required to proceed with the booking, appointment process and subsequent assessment. You can withdraw your consent at any time and not access the service. The segment showing consent will be at the end of your Welcome Info. Once you have read through the information and provided your consent, we encourage you to proceed and complete the online Intake form or request a paper-based copy if preferred. 

  9. Why do I need to complete an intake form? Completing the intake form will assist in getting feedback to you sooner and help you focus on your identified issues and maximise your time during your appointment.​

  10. What if I do not like Telehealth? That is okay. You are within your rights not to want this and have other preferences. Your GP can help you determine the best service for you. The find a psychiatrist tool on the RANZCP’s website can help you locate your preferred provider. There might also be instances where an individual initially wanted Telehealth but changed their mind during or after trying it out. They are also within their rights, and we can discuss their options.​

  11. What if I cannot work out how to use Telehealth? You are not alone. Although Telehealth has been around for some years, it has only been used more extensively in the last couple of years. Many of us are all trying to know how to use it even better. Family and friends can help set up your camera and audio on your desktop computer/laptop/smartphone. It is also helpful to follow the guidance in your invite suggesting a more compatible browser with our platform, e.g. Google Chrome browser, etc Some individuals 

  12. What if I do not have a desktop computer/laptop/smartphone? Telehealth requires one of these for you to access services through such a medium. It might be helpful to talk to your GP about your options. Family and friends might be of assistance too.​

  13. What if I prefer or require a face-to-face assessment or service. We only currently have capacity exclusively for Telehealth. This is not a face-to-face service. Individuals preferring/requiring face-to-face services might want to discuss with their GP so they can be connected to the appropriate health practitioner/services in their vicinity. Alternatively, the “find a psychiatrist” tool on the RANZCP website-  can be very helpful. It also has heaps of other resources that might come in handy. Sometimes, a Local Mental Health Service or hospitalisation might better meet the care needs.​

  14. Do you have afterhours sessions to fit around my schedule? Assessments are conducted during hours with afterhours session availability. Feel free to email us to discuss this further.

  15. What if I cannot reach you on the phone immediately? Feel free to leave us a voice message or email us. Your call or email is important to us.

  16. ​Is this a fee-paying service? Yes. It is a Fee for Service model. Your welcome information will have a list of fees and rebates for a few common item numbers. For WorkCover, TAC, etc., you must clarify your funding status with WorkCover, TAC etc. Feel free to call to discuss further.

  17. Do you offer emergency or urgent service? For emergency/urgent presentation, please dial 000 or contact the local CAT team and Hospital 24-hour local Mental Health Triage numbers. It is helpful always to have these numbers handy.

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